Inorganic chemical products

We supply our customers a wide range of inorganic / mineral chemical products.

We have are experts in industrial production and we know very well the chemical industry worldwide, also manufactured goods industry.

Thanks to our knowledge in mineral and inorganic chemicals, we have built an important storage network in all Europe to answer quickly to any industrial requirements.

What is a chemical inorganic product ?

Each chemical compound is identified by its chemical nature, its production process and its future use. There are 2 main types of chemical products : «inorganic» or «organic» ones.

The ORGANIC chemistry is related to Carbon and its compounds, synthetic or natural. They also can also be composed of hydrogen, oxygen and/or nitrogen atoms.

The INORGANIC chemistry is dedicated to « mineral » products. Simple carbon molecules such as carbonates, bicarbonates can also be classified as inorganic chemcials.

Quadrimex Chemical specializes in inorganic / mineral chemical products only, and more precisely in chemical specialties, not commodities in general.

Our products are salts, acids and basis.

Logistics and sales services tailored made for our customers


We can offer our customers :

  • Sourcing of inorganic chemical products
  • Hazardous goods logistics
  • Regulatory support service
  • Laboratory : R&D and quality control
  • Sourcing for alternative European suppliers
  • Additional range possibilities



We offer an immediate availability thanks to

storage warehouses in Europe.





A wide range of inorganic chemical products


Download here our products list

Here are the main products we supply :

  • Potash in powder KOH
  • Hydrochloric acid HCl
  • Calcium chloride CaCl2
  • Sodium sulfate Na2SO4
  • Barium salts Ba
  • Sodium formate HCOONa
  • Sodium metabisulfite Na2O5S2

Feel free to contact us for any product not in the list.

Application markets

We work for many kind of industries :
Chemical industry, petrochemistry, refining industry, surface treatment, galvanizing, ceramics, glass, Feed, Food, agribusiness, dyeing, oenology, mining industry, fluid formulation, lubricants, industrial maintenance, fragrances, manufacturing of API, pharma-industry, electronics, composites material, plastics, rubber, water and wastewater treatment, paper & packaging industry, detergency, coatings, laboratory reagents, nuclear power plants, aircraft industry, army…


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