Newton’s briquettes : drying and neutralization of hydrocarbons

Our Oil&Gas business unit is specialized in the drying and the neutralization of hydrocarbons, solvents and liquid gas.

Our production plant, located in Cavaillon (South of France), produces briquettes adapted to each customer requirement.

Newton’s dehydrating briquettes for drying and neutralization of hydrocarbons

The briquettes (or « pillows ») Newton’s produced in France are used to dry and neutralize hydrocarbons, solvents and liquid gas. Their shape was developed by our R&D department to optimize the absorption of water (dissolved and free water) in hydrocarbons while avoiding « preferential channels ».

Briquettes have a higher contact area between the solid and liquid compared with pearls for the same volume.With a similar pressure drop, the contact area increases around 20.

Other shapes and sizes are available (such as small prills or flakes) but these shapes cause a higher pressure drop through the bed. In this case chimneys or preferential paths will be formed during the drying operation.

The brine formed from the water collected with the consumption of the briquettes in contact with water is then :

  • Restated (wastewater treatment)
  • Reused as a raw material in other units of the refinery

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A range of products adapted to each customer

There 4 types of briquettes, based on : calcium chloride (CaCl2), lithium chloride (LiCL), caustic soda (NaOH), caustic potash (KOH).

The type of the briquettes is chosen according to the customers requirements : 






Water Trap® Ca

Briquettes 11g

Drying of Hydrocarbons

  • Acetylene drying
  • Hydrotreatment units (gazoil)
  • Gas drying (shale gas)
  • Big bags
  • Drums
  • 25 kg bags
  • Tailored made packaging

Water Trap® Li

Briquettes 13 g

Water Trap® Na

Briquettes 11 g and 29 g

Drying and neutralization of hydrocarbons

  • MCV
  • Alkylation HF
  • Hydrotreatment units (gazoil)
  • Sweetening units


Briquettes 29 g

All our products are registered REACH (European legislation)


The benefits of Newton’s briquettes 

Our range of briquettes have many advantages :

  • The drying timing significantly improved 
  • « chimney effect » is avoided thanks to the shape of the briquettes
  • Product « made in France » in our factory in Cavaillon (ISO 9001 certified)
  • A packaging dedicated to each customer

Besides the hygroscopic properties used for the drying, our briquettes have also optimal alkalyne characteristics to neutralize the acid components and impurities in the hydrocarbons (HF, HCl, H2S).



Here are some of our references :

  • Number 1 producer in the world located in Saoudi Arabia (grass root and revamping)
  • Taïwan (gazoil drying)
  • Singapore (gazoil drying)
  • 1st Indian producer (grass root, diesel drying)
  • USA (HF Alkylation)
  • Main MCV producers in Europe
  • Technical acetylene producers

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