Oil & Gas : hydrocarbons, solvents and gas treatment

Our Oil & Gas business unit is dedicated to the drying and sweetening of hydrocarbons, solvents and liquid gas. 

Our technologies are used in the following industries :

  • Refineries
  • Chemical industries
  • Petrochemical indutries

We offer our customers adapted solutions according to their requirements.

Newton’s drying technologies


Newton’s is a worldwide reference for drying technologies for hydrocarbons, solvents and liquid gas.


 Thanks to this technology, our customers can reach the following specifications :

A finished product with a water content under 80 ppmW

A « clear and bright » product



Learn more about our engineering service Newton’s : units design and revamping

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Europhtal : mercaptans treatment 


For more than 20 years, the brand Europhtal is known in the world as a major producer for mercaptans oxydation inside sweetening units.





Learn more about our brand Europhtal

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