Sulfur derivatives producer

We have had our own production facility of sulfur products located in LEUNA (Germany), on the major petrochemical plant in Europe since 2010.
Thanks to our plant, we are now a European leader and a worldwide reference for high quality sulfur products.

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Our range of sulfur products

We are directly connected to the Leuna refinery thanks to 2 pipelines of H2S (hydrogen sulfide). This allows us to secure our production and have a stable supply of pure raw material.

This raw material is used for the production of :  

All our products are registered REACH

We have quality control laboratory located in the production plant in Leuna in order to insure the quality of our chemical products.

Moreover, our R&D service is dedicated to :

  • The study of new productions ;
  • The compliance of our products for special requirements ;
  • The improvement of our products quality.


Which are the different forms available for our sulfur products ?

In our production facility, we can offer several types of packaging, according to :

  • the distance between our plant and the customer ; 
  • the technical and storage constraints ; 
  • the concentrations needs.





From 10% to 46%




Tanker truck





Tanker truck

Solid (flakes)

> 70%

25 kg bags

Big bags (900kg or 1T)

NaHS production process


Sulfur derivatives : market applications

Our sulfur products are used in the world and dedicated to different types of markets :

  • Flotation in mining industry (copper, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc, nickel…)
  • Tanneries (leather industry)
  • Heavy metal precipitation
  • Chemical industry (cosmetics)
  • Paper mills (kraft paper)
  • Sewage treatment
  • Sulfur dyes…

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Bruno SUAVET Phone: +334 90 78 70 50