QUADRIMEX The group relies on three main skills of its teams:



which results in a constant economic and technical intelligence, careful listening to our field teams both our customers and with our suppliers.


The Opening

that is characterized by an innovative spirit and a recognition of our clients’ needs and for addressing specific new markets.


The ingenuity

expressed through the interpretation of information gathered and creative thinking, leading to the development of industrial and logistics solutions.



Our Values



At the heart of our business approach, it encompasses both technological innovation to develop better products and especially our development strategy to go further in the satisfaction of our customers.



As part of restructuring, standardization, product standardization, the Group QUADRIMEX innovates by providing innovative customized offering to its clients and partners. This applies both in the fields of chemistry, as logistics and procurement.



Human-sized company, we have the ability to adapt quickly to the changing environment and demands for the rapid mobilization of teams “project” making every effort of the study to realization.


Combining know-how

To meet the range of needs of our customers, the group Quadrimex weaves strong and lasting relationships with customers and with suppliers is a network of strategic partnerships, economic and technological.