Water treatment plants : our services

Discover all our tailored made solutions for wastewater and drinking water treatment plants :
– customized study depending on customers needs
– dedicated equipment installation
– draining
– pumping
– filtration media renewal

Water treatment : our customized offers

Quadrimex Chemical provides tailored made solutions for sanitization and purification water treatment plants and for drinking water treatment plants.

Our services are always adapted to our customers and consist of several steps. Here are the different stages of the biofilter renewal in the wastewater treatment plants :

  • Customized study for each customer ;
  • dedicated equipment installation ;
  • draining and pumping of the filtration media ; 
  • filters cleaning ; 
  • reloading with the supply of the new filtration media supplied.

Water treatment : processes

In order to adjust our offer to meet our customers needs, various pumping and extraction solutions are proposed for water treatment. 

Numerous pumping and extraction systems for biofilters

We offer our customers several systems (for dry or wet processing) for example :

  • Submerged pump for liquid streams and water ;
  • Hydro-ejector for soft conveying ;
  • Mechanical extraction with a clamshell bucket.

Unlike the conventionnal suction system with a cleaning up truck, our processes ensure better technical, environmental and economic results.

There are also many benefits :

  • minimized noise pollution
  • quicker operating time
  • absence of fine particules

Filtration media treatment

We can offer an on site buffer storage in dedicated packagings (big bags, buckets, tanks…) in order to reuse or remove the filtration media.

Our teams, thanks to a physicochemical analysis, are also able to advise our customers about the type of filtration media they can use.

Quadrimex Chemical also offers the supply and the installation of any kind of filtration media such as :

  • Expanded clay
  • Filtration sand
  • Pozzuolana
  • Anthracite
  • Gravel and aggregates for filtration…

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