Anti-dust stabilizer BLOCKDUST

BLOCKDUST is a liquid industrial anti-dust developped by Quadrimex Chemical dedicated to controling the dust on a specific site. Let’s focus on its main characteristics, its benefits, and its terms of use.  

BLOCKDUST presentation, Quadrimex Chemical anti-dust product

BLOCKDUST, manufactured in our production site in Cavaillon, is an anti-dust that traps moisture in the ambient air, keeps the ground wet and keeps on the ground the fine particules.

BLOCKDUST, made with calcium chloride, is the best solution for dust control in quarries or in the construction industry, paths, unsealed or uncoated ways…

Quadrimex Chemical also offers its customers :

  • Tailor-made studies according to the type of soil and the area that has to be treated (ground charasteristics, the amount of product applied, temperature changes…) ;
  • An adapted solution including a spreading service if necessary ;
  • A technical and scientific follow-up thanks to our laboratory (R&D and quality control)

BLOCKDUST avantages

The antidust product developed by Quadrimex Chemical has various advantages :

  • major reduction of water consumption ;
  • spreading cost reduction : spreading necessary only every 60 days ;
  • labor time reduction thanks to the limited spreading time ;
  • longevity of the material used on site ;
  • cumulative impact : lower doses on the same areas year after year ;
  • reduction in noise for workers and residents : brand image enhancement.

Moreover, our product is hygroscopic and dessicant, permitting the humidity absorption and retention on the ground.

BLOCKDUST : few utilizations

Our product has 3 major advantages :
dust control, ground stabilization and prevention ice formation in the case of extreme temperatures (from 0 to -51°C).

This antidust can be used on various surface types :

  • gravel tracks and entrances (quarries) ;
  • mining operations (crushing, transportation etc) ;
  • Unpaved roads ;
  • Cycle paths ;
  • Car parks ;
  • Golf paths ;
  • Tennis courts, baseball fields and camp sites ;
  • Riding centers ;
  • Civil engineering.

BLOCKDUST packaging

 Our product is available in different packaging types :

  • Tanker trucks (around 18000L = 25 T) ;
  • IBC (1000L = 1,3T) ;
  • Drums (20, 30 L…).

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