Europhtal Industrial Pigments

Quadrimex Chemical is a major supplier of pigments and high-performance dyes.

We supply organic and mineral pigments.

Application markets :

  • plastics processing-masterbatch
  • painting
  • coating
  • varnishes
  • inks
  • printing
  • dyeing
  • fertilizers…


Industrial pigments : our expertise

For more than 30 years, Europhtal has been offering a wide range of products for the European market :

  • Blue and green phtalocyanine pigments
  • Crude (CuCPC) supply
  • Rubber masterbatches
  • Pigment pastes
  • Additives
  • Other mineral pigments…

Thanks to our colorimetry equipped laboratory, we can offer a quality control service as per our customer method and develop specific qualities according to customer’s application market.

We are also able to find new alternatives thanks to our R&D team.


We offer our customers :

  • A quality control and development laboratory located in France
  • A R&D service for tailored made solutions
  • A worldwide logistics service
  • A storage facility in France : reactive answer to our customers compared with direct supply from Asia
  • A regulatory support service

All our phtalocyanine pigments are REACH compliant and comply with other European regulations such as AP89/1, EN71 :3, RoHS, CONEG. Other certificates are available upon request : list of SVHC, heavy metals, phtalates absence, bisphenol absence…

Range of products : phtalocyanine, rubber masterbatch, mineral and organic pigments, and dyeing





Pigment Blue 15 PB 15

Pigment Blue 15:1 PB 15:1

Pigment Blue 15:2 PB 15:2

Pigment Blue 15:3 PB 15:3

Pigment Blue 15:4 PB 15:4

Pigment Green 7 PG 7

Crude Phtalocyanine Copper (CuPC)

Bags or big bags

Rubber masterbatch

(concentrated, pre-measured et pre-cutted)

Pigment Blue 15:1 (PB 15:1)

Pigment Blue 15:3 (PB 15:3)

Pigment Green 7 (PG 7)

Pigment Yellow 13 (PY 13)

Pigment Orange 13 (PO 13)

Pigment Red 57:1 (PR 57:1) / Pigment Red 53:1 (PR 53:1)

Pigment Red 53:1 (PR 53:1)

Other upon request

Pallet box

Mineral Pigments

Pigment Green 17 (PG 17) Chromium oxide

Pigment Black 11 (PBl 11) Iron oxide 

Pigment Brown 6 (PBR 6) Iron oxide 

Pigment Red 101 (PR 101) Iron oxide

Pigment Yellow 42 (PY 42) Iron oxide

Pigment Black 7 (PBl 7 Carbon black N550)

Pigment Blue 27 (PB 27 Prussian Blue)

Pigment Blue 29 (PB 29 Ultramarine Blue)

Pigment Blue 28 (PB 28 Cobalt Blue)

Pigment Blue 36 (PB 36 Cobalt Blue)

Bags, boxes, big bags

Other Inorganic Pigments  

Pigment Black (PBl 26 ; PBl 27 ; PBl 28)

Pigment Yellow 53 (PY 53)

Pigment Violet 23 (PV 23)



Upon request

(Solvent, Acid, Basic Dyes)



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