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All content posted on the site (texts, graphic design, software, photographs, images, videos, sound, maps, names, logos, brands, creations and other protected works, databases, etc.) and the site itself are protected by French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property.

All content is the exclusive property of the Quadrimex Group, apart from content produced by persons external to who have not ceded their copyright. Article L 122-4 of the French Code on Intellectual Property: Any representation or full or partial reproduction without the consent of the author or his assignees is illegal. This also applies to the translation, adaptation or transformation, re-arrangement or reproduction of any art or design aspects. Article L122-5 of the French Code on Intellectual Property: When the work has been published, the author cannot prevent:

  1. Private and free use within the family circle;
  2. Copies or reproductions strictly reserved for private use by the copier and not for collective use, with the exception of copies of works of arts destined for use for the same purposes as those for which the original work was created, copies of software other than the back-up copy set up according to conditions specified in sub-section II of Article L. 122-6-1, and copies and reproduction of an electronic database;
  3. On condition that the name of the author and the source are clearly indicated:
    1. Analyses and short quotations justified by the critical, argumentative, educative, scientific or informative nature of the work in which they are included;
    2. reviews by newspapers and journals;
    3. broadcasting, even in its totality, by the press or television stations, as part of current news, speeches addressed to the public during political, administrative, judicial or academic meetings, and at political public meetings or official ceremonies;
    4. full or partial reproductions of graphic art in catalogues for public auctions in France for copies to be made available to the public with the sole objective of describing the sale of works of art. A decree issued by the Council of State has established the specifications of documents and conditions for their distribution.
  4. Parodies, pastiches and caricatures, according to legislation on these art forms.
  5. Procedures necessary for obtaining access to the contents of electronic databases as required by, and within the limitations on use foreseen in, the contract.

In consequence, visitors to agree:

  • not to use or access for the purposes or benefit of third parties;
  • not to include all or part of the content of on the site of a third party, for commercial or any other purposes;
  • not to copy information or any kind of materials which would make possible the reconstitution of all or part of the original files.

Any person wishing to set up third party hyperlinks to must obtain prior agreement from Quadrimex Group.

All unauthorized use of content on is considered to be a violation of the author’s copyright and a forgery. It may also constitute a violation of the right to image, the right to personal privacy or any other rights and regulations currently in force. This is therefore considered to be the civil and/or penal responsibility of the perpetrator. Quadrimex Group reserves the right to instigate any or all actions in law relating to violations in law by any persons who have not respected these provisions. The Quadrimex Group claims its rights as creator of this database as provided in Article L 342-1 of the French Code on Intellectual Property. Extraction or use of content in the database that is not expressly authorized implies the civil and/or penal responsibility of the perpetrator. The Quadrimex Group reserves the right to instigate any or all actions in law relating to violations in law by any persons who have not respected these provisions.


The Quadrimex Group declines all responsibility for:

  • Any interruptions in service on the site the purposes of technical maintenance or updating of published information;
  • any interruptions to access to the site (and/or any other sites linked to that site) for technical reasons, regardless of the origin of such interruptions;
  • Any direct or indirect damages caused by the user, of whatever nature, resulting from the content, access, or utilization of (and/or any other sites linked to that site);
  • Abnormal use or illegal exploitation of the site Visitors to the site are fully responsible for any damages caused to third parties and for the consequences of any claims or legal action than may be initiated as a result of such action. Visitors also renounce all claims against the Quadrimex Group in the event of legal action against the Group taken by third parties as a result of access to and/or illegal exploitation of the site.